About a century ago, Downtown Crossing was known as one of the nation’s busiest shopping destinations. Over the past few decades, however, recurring lapses of decline have decreased the area’s popularity. In an effort to revive the landmark, the city of Boston launched a 2004 Downtown Crossing Economic Initiative. Since then, the skyline has been redefined by rises such as One Broomfield, Winthrop Square Tower, 533 Washington Street, and the Millennium Tower. Simultaneously, new stores like Primark and Roche Bros. have generated heavy foot traffic and media attention.

The result? Downtown Crossing has made a comeback.

Building on that vision, Tekuma has partnered with Compass Furnished Apartments to match artists from around the world with buildings that could use some love. We’re showcasing artists that celebrate the idea of rebirth, innovation and regeneration.

Even larger than its predecessor, ARTLab Back Bay, ARTLab DX plans to transform forty apartment units and eleven common areas into interactive gallery amenities. That’s over forty displayed artists and counting! While guests view hundreds of beautiful artworks, artists share their work and spread their stories.

Remember when we interviewed Tekuma artist George Lin? In ARTLab DX, his amazing work furnishes an entire apartment! Pictured above is a photograph from his Crystal Caves series.

While ARTLab DX shares all of the great features of ARTLab Back Bay, including a gallery book and artist tags, we decided to try something a little new. In an effort to radicalize the art-to-table experience, we let each artist curate their own gallery. That means more care, attention to detail, and authenticity in each apartment, and – you guessed it! – happier guests.

Compass Gallery

Can’t wait to book your stay? We’ve made it easy at ARTLab DX, where you can meet each artist, view their work, and read their story.

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